More profitable short-term rentals.

Benefit from a high return on investment

We take care of your properties.

What exactly is short-term housing?

Tourism properties can be rented for a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 30 days, which is a shorter duration than regular rentals. The home owner may choose to use this sort of rental.
In France, public municipal offices that give explicit laws and guidelines to turn your property into a source of income control the tourism industry. (For instance, registering the property with the tourism office, telling the police about the host's occupation, being a non-EC resident, and paying the tourist city tax.)

Why choose this type of rental?

  • More potential for income than a long-term rental
  • Margin payment and no threat of the rental term not being paid.
  • Flexibility and program management according to the owner's requirements.
  • More control over the upkeep and use of the property.

What we provide

With the services we provide, the owner can enjoy it to the fullest without worrying about the property. Depending on the needs of each owner, the services offered may change:

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Full service

Completion of all tasks related to the short-term rental program including initial consultation, booking collection, guest research and engagement, cleaning and laundry services, express check-in/check-out and compliance with all legal and administrative requirements.


Updates on management, online offerings and marketing-related activities.


Include a guest host key and property status information.


Laundry and cleaning upon departure

What are the costs for the owner?

The owner covers the cost of utilities and Internet subscription as well as the commissions of the various portals and our commission.

What will my income be?

With our expertise and this rental strategy, we can ensure properties generate more revenue than they would under conventional long-term rental contracts.

What we do

The team has more than twenty years of experience in the vacation rental sector, both on the French Riviera and in the Italian Riviera, in the Ligurian region.

The property company Bnbrickeys.com has a team of highly qualified experts specializing in short term property management and rental for tourists.
We offer adaptable formulas that allow the owner to use his property to the best of his needs in order to maximize his income.
Our concept of short-term rental is characterized by the quality of the premises, an efficient service and advantageous prices. The meticulousness and attention to detail that we practice also contribute to creating the distinctive and unforgettable atmosphere that the client will experience.